Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Game Night

Our yesterday was a busy one and didn't end until about 8:00 last night as we carried a screaming and non-compliant Vaughnie out of Vance's school.

It was Game Night last night at Vance's school, where they set up lots of different games in the classrooms. In the last room we visited, they created virtual Candy Land by taping colored pieces of paper on the floor. The kids had a great time jumping from color to color, but it took a long time to play because there were younger kids in the mix that didn't know their colors. Vance almost made it to the end, but the card chosen for him sent him back to the beginning of the course and he was over it at that point. Normally, we wouldn't let him quit but it had been a long night and Vaughn was on the edge already.

Another busy day today. Parents as Teachers lady is making another visit. Not really looking forward to that. And, Hair! It's finally Hair Day! My hair appointment is tonight!

2 Responses to “Game Night”

  1. Have fun getting your hair done! I know you've been looking forward to it!

  2. Anonymous10:52 AM

    gots to get your hair did up so you look good for Saturday!

    the mayor



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