Monday, February 22, 2010

It's cool. I'm a Mom.

I scheduled a play date for Vance even when I knew it would mean not being able to get to the grocery store until the next day. We're out of a lot of stuff, but we can hold off for one more day. He hasn't seen his buddy in awhile, I knew he would enjoy some play time.

I didn't get to, well, the majority of the things I would have liked to because Vaughn didn't feel like playing by herself at all today. And we're potty training and she told me every 20 minutes that she had to go and won't sit in the bathroom by herself.

I missed breakfast today.

I made smoothies today for the boys, because they asked, even when I was eyeing the last banana for myself.

After Vance's buddy left I made Vance and Vaughn lunch because they were starving. (Insert cries from Vaughn and over dramatic acting from Vance.)

Vaughn was clearly ready for a nap, so I took her upstairs. Came back down, got Vance finished up with lunch, then finally started to make my lunch. Except we're out of what I normally eat because I didn't get to the grocery store today. Bread and hummus it is then. Get both out, sit down, and can tell that Vance is eyeing me. Ask him if he'd like to share and he proceeds to eat the majority of my lunch.

But it's cool. Vance just told me that he loved me and that he was going to pick me some beautiful flowers when it's summertime and nice and warm outside.

That's all it takes. I'm a Mom and this is my everyday.

2 Responses to “It's cool. I'm a Mom.”

  1. love it! so true. a mom's life for sure!
    pick up some rice cakes at the store for the hummus! delish!

  2. I hate to say, but I love your story. It is so the life of a mom. You are such a great mom!



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