Thursday, February 04, 2010

Last night, Justin informed me that the super bowl was this weekend.

(I don't keep up with these types of things.)

He also informed me of his travel schedule for the next few weeks.

(It sucks.)

I pretended that I didn't hear him and kept on telling him how The Devil Angelina is trying to move in on Johnny.

(If you know acknowledge something, it's not real and doesn't happen, right? Right!)

Moving on!

I really have nothing right now. Vance is still all about dinosaurs. Yesterday was Troodon (tru - o - don) day. Apparently they have good eyesight at night. I took the kids out to play yesterday and Vaughn fell and and hit her head on the bottom stair of our deck. Pretty much the exact place that she hit in on the counter last month. A bump and a scrape.

It's pizza night and Vance is pumped. Hope you all have something to look forward to today.

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  1. yeah, superbowl...I've got $15 worth of squares - hope I win!

  2. Kristin6:03 PM

    I checked your chicken wing recipe so I can make them for the game.

  3. hope you like them! i'll be making them for justin too! that's love - making labor intensive food that i don't even eat!



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