Monday, February 08, 2010

Skip to my lou

Thanks to Little Gym, Vance has been skipping for a long time. I've seen him skip. We've skipped through parking lots together. We're just that jolly.

Him being able to skip was the last thing on my mind until I found out that skipping was part of the developmental screening test for kindergarten.

I asked him to skip and he galloped. I showed him how to skip. "Remember? Step, hop! Step, hop!" He forgot how to skip and even with talking hip through it and even with me and Justin helping him move his legs he couldn't effing skip.

(I know what most of you are thinking. We're putting too much pressure on him, that's why he's not doing this. I'll let you know that all of this was done nonchalantly, no big deal, Hey, everyone let's skip around the room for fun!)

This was a couple days before his screening. And then the screening was cancelled due to someone calling in sick. We've been practicing ever since and two nights ago I was convinced he had totally blocked how to skip out of his brain. This was driving me more crazy than it should have. They use these test results in placing the kids in their classes and I want him to do his best.

His screening was rescheduled for today, so last night I asked him to try skipping again. And just like that he could skip. Skipped all around the room. Skip, skip, skip. Justin and I looked at each other and cheered for him. This is how kids slowly take away your sanity.

But, yet again, his screening has been cancelled. Our school district has been closed due to snow. Justin headed out to work only to return a few minutes later and claimed he had to take my car to work. He was sliding everywhere. After leaving in my car he called when he was outside our neighborhood and reported that there were already two accidents on the main road.

Be careful out there today! I'll be stuck inside with the kids, doing everything to hold on to my sanity!

One Response to “Skip to my lou”

  1. what? when did all this snow take place? we saw some flurries in highland around 9am but that was it. drats!

    good job, vance!



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