Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Vaughn is 21 months today

Vaughnie Bell is getting old. 21 months old today. Here's some stats:
  • She's tipping the scale at 32 lbs.
  • She's talking up a storm, 50 plus words is just a guess.
  • She's also starting to use 2 and 3 words together. "mo cheese pees" "need hug dada"
  • She's starting to say thank you "tank oo" without being prompted
  • Loves her music class.
  • Still very independent.
  • Tries to jump, but feet stay on the floor.
  • She loves her babies. Loves to feed and rock them. Still doesn't have a favorite baby yet.
  • She loves reading books, playing with Vance's Leapster, but doesn't have much patience for puzzles right now.
  • Loves her Diego toothbrush and taking baths.
  • Loves her Big Bro even more.

4 Responses to “Vaughn is 21 months today”

  1. Anonymous2:29 PM

    that kid loves t-shirts on top of shirts! Regular Jesse Lucco!

    the mayor

  2. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Such a cute picture! MeME

  3. Love it and Happy Birthday to Vaughnie!!! Anxious to see them. Gram



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