Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Manchester United

Vance's first practice for his outdoor soccer league was last night. After asking me all day if it was time to put his shin guards I finally gave in even if it was still about 20 minutes too soon. He did some action shots for me:

Horrible, blurry picture, but this is what his "goalie" move is like. I think it looks more of a latin dance move. Ole!

Vaughn took mercy on me and stayed buckled in the stroller for the duration of the practice. She ate all the snacks I brought and exhausted two toys as distractions. Towards the end of practice I think it occurred to her that probably since the other kids were running around so could she. I think every practice and game here on out is going to be a struggle keeping her contained.

Look! Big Bro!

His buddy is standing next to him in the white shirt. He was a few minutes late to practice and Vance didn't take this too well. Tears starting flowing and he declared that he didn't want to play but we had a quick chat and he went back on his own out onto the field. I was proud of him for doing that and so excited for Vance when I saw his friend arrive.

One of the highlights of the night was when a little boy raised his hand and asked the coach, "Why do we want to try to kick the ball into the goal?" I'm sure all of the kids are confused on what exactly this soccer stuff is all about and it's a bit scary that we have a double header on Saturday. Manchester United was the name given to the team by the Y and it's clear that they have high expectations from these little guys.

4 Responses to “Manchester United”

  1. I love those soccer pictures. What a great day for the first day of practice, it couldn't have been nicer. That second picture made me laugh so hard, it does look like a latin dance move. Love it. Can't wait to hear how the games go on Saturday.

  2. Good Luck Vance! You have some big shoes to fill!!!

  3. good times! you are such a soccer mom, kease!
    how do you get miss v to wear those shoes? ella fights with me over the stuff between her toes yet she will dig my flip flops out. weird.

  4. Thanks guys!

    Vaughn has never really minded anything between her toes. She loves shoes!



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