Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stepping up for the Environment

The weekly theme for Vance's school has been Stepping up for the Environment. And we've definitely been steppin' up.

All week the kids at school have been making stuff out of stuff...and bringing it home. They've been having a ball with it, but I'm at full capacity for beautiful junk around here.

No recyclable item has been safe - Vance has been using them all for art projects. After dinner tonight I snuck a can, a yogurt container, and a milk carton to the recycling bin. I wasn't able to get the egg carton quick enough and he snatched it up. Half of it was made into a boat and the other half into a bracelet for me.

This is all leading to Earth Hour which is happening on Saturday night at 8:30. Follow the link to learn more, but all you have to do is switch your lights off and go electricity free for one hour. (Saturday will be one busy day around here and I'm hoping that both kids are in bed by this time. We may have to move our hour up so that they can participate.)

One Response to “Stepping up for the Environment”

  1. Anonymous6:28 AM

    i'm sure justin is goign to love an hour without electricity during the NCAA basketball games.

    the mayor



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