Saturday, March 27, 2010

Washing & Freezing Jeans

Apparently, we're not supposed to wash our nice jeans. Water ruins the feel and freezing them is the answer. I was confused at first too.


5 Responses to “Washing & Freezing Jeans”

  1. I read the article and it was pretty interesting. Are you going to try this?
    Aunt Dee

  2. my jeans aren't nice enough to do this.
    one thing i found out from working at the gap (back in the day) is that cheap denim stretches. old navy is the worst! it would be an interesting experiment to try.

  3. This was WAY INTERESTING to me. Back in the ol' high school days, I would take the jeans (after my mom washed and likely hot dried them agg!)and I would stick them in the freezer--the big long chest deep freezer--laid out flat for at least 24 hours. This resulted in a really great "crispy" feel.
    Hummm...wonder if the laundry rooms of the future will have a washer, dryer and freezer-type appliance? =) Too much work in my book!!

  4. Anonymous9:48 AM

    seems it might cause some shrinkage on the boys

  5. This has nothing to do with your post, but just to let you know that I stopped by your blog to find something to make for dinner. I think I am going with the Chicken Enchiladas!



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