Monday, March 08, 2010

Weekend Update!

We had a good weekend and took advantage of the warm weather. Lots of playtime outside, visited a new park, did some yard work, and even brought some of the patio furniture out. On Sunday Justin took the kids on a bike ride, which was Vaughn's first trip in the carrier. Our neighborhood is pretty hilly, so Justin got a workout pulling the 75 pounds behind him. It was a short trip, but the kids enjoyed themselves.

We also signed Vance up for a new soccer league. His old league was indoor and this league is outdoor, so new soccer shoes will be involved. I think Justin is excited about this. Games start at the end of the month.

Did anyone else feel really uncomfortable for Molly Ringwald while she was speaking at the Oscars last night? She seemed a little out of it.

Let's get on with our day. Happy Monday! Oh, that reminds me! It's Eye Doctor Appointment time tomorrow morning! It's been a good 3 years since I've been and I'm excited. I'm pretty sure my eyes are getting worse, but new prescriptions also mean new glasses!

3 Responses to “Weekend Update!”

  1. One word on Molly Ringwald....ACKWARD! Yes, we were totally saying the same thing while we watched her.

  2. Anonymous10:53 AM

    that pod looks like something Nasa built...

    the mayor

  3. I kept thinking "she can't be nervous, she's an actress".

    And what about Judd Nelson - WOW! And I've never liked Ally Sheedy; her mouth is strange and the way she forms her words.



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