Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You know what they say about Assuming...

The other day Vance and I were having The Stranger talk. We went over all The Stranger rules, that we don't talk to strangers, we don't go anywhere with strangers, everything. Vance seemed to be on board, was nodding accordingly, and saying things like, "I'll never go anywhere with a stranger, even if he has candy!" Good boy.

And then he looked at me with big eyes and said, "Mommy, what's a stranger?"

Yeesh. Guess I forgot to mention what a stranger was. So many times we assume that kids know all the basic stuff.

Kind of like the lesson plan I made (way before I ever had kids) for Kindergartners that required them to tie knots (we were learning about Calder and making mobiles). I had no idea that most kids that young couldn't do that. My sidekick and I did all the tying and it was a mess of strings and sticks around the classroom that day. Never again.

My phone is telling me that it's supposed to be 72 degrees today. Yes, I have an app for that. I hope it's true, I can't wait. I might even get stuff to make guacamole. It's Taco Wednesday for us! Enjoy your day!

2 Responses to “You know what they say about Assuming...”

  1. thanks for the laugh.
    love the innocence of kids!
    micah asked me what divorce was when he was 8. talk about sheltered. i guess it can be a good thing too?

  2. I got a good laugh also. I would have never thought to explain what a stranger actually was.



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