Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yesterday Vaughn pointed out a Princess balloon while shopping. "Uh-oh" I thought.

The checkout lady at the store made a rude comment to me about Vaughn's behavior while checking out. I held my tongue and instead of me commenting on her small mindedness and the fact that she was judging my parenting skills on the 2 minutes of seeing Vaughn and telling her how sad I thought it was for her spending her Golden Years being a checker at a big-box store, I simply told her that I didn't appreciate her comment. It pissed me off and I'm upset that I let some mean old lady get to me.

Vance and I checked on the baby birds and we now have fuzz balls with big yellow beaks. So cute. Funny to think that even in our tiny back yard, we have 4 birds nests.

After Vaughn's nap she requested that I get down the crown that she wore on her 1st birthday. I put in on her head and she said, "Hi! I'm Princess!" twice. This is a whole new can of worms.

Last night before bed I had rice milk in my cereal and today I've woken up with heel pain. Pins and needles when I walk, people. I don't think the two are related, but you just never know.

It was a full moon last night and boy, did it feel like one.

(If anyone knows something about heels, I'd love to know what's going on with my feet.)

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  1. Wow, what a packed day you had. I had a similar experience with a check out lady at Target. She told me that Samuel was out of control (because he was trying to help me put all the items on the check out belt and was throwing a bit of a fit when I wouldn't let him help the person behind us). I was pretty pissed too and then she followed up with the fact that she hasn't been around young kids in a long time. Rude. Screw those cranky ladies!

    I have no idea about your heel problem, it is a strange coincidence that you at rice milk and your heel started hurting the next day. I hope the pain goes away.

  2. Argh! I think it's so rude that someone who doesn't even know you thinks they have a right to judge your parenting abilities.

    As for the heel thing - have you been wearing a lot of flip flops now that it's getting warmer out? I had the same problem last year and it all started when flip flop season came around. I guess my feet got used to all the arch support in my shoes from the wintery season and adjusting to paper thin flip flops made my heels hurt. Just a thought!

  3. Sarah, I'll check out what number the nipples are. Off the top of my head I think we have NB, 1's and 2's.

    My right heel is feeling better, but I still can't put pressure on my left heel. It's even sore to the touch. I have been wearing flip flops, but it's been chilly here for the last few days. Yesterday I wore tennis shoes, so I don't know what's going on. Everything online that I've read says I need to rest it. Ha!

  4. i had a crack in my heel a few weeks ago - like the kind you get on your hands in the winter when they are too dry. it hurt like a mother! once i figured out it was a crack and not a bruise i lathered it up and wore socks. i hate socks.

    what a hag! sucks that she had to be rude.

    the whole princess thing reminds me of ella...she can dress and undress herself now. and it's not a good thing. i dont care if it means she's advanced yada, yada, yada...because she wants to change clothes all. day. long. not fun.

  5. Augh...princess "season" has started at your house. My advice: EMBRACE IT!(cause it's probably not gonna end anytime soon!)

  6. Now that you bring this up,...Do you think it's OK to say something to a parent who is disciplining their child in public?

  7. Anonymous7:58 AM

    happy bday vaughn!

  8. Anonymous7:59 AM

    last post from big mike...i'm losing it....

  9. Thanks Mike! Her birthday isn't until the 3rd though!



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