Friday, May 07, 2010


Vance and Vaughn have begun having conversations. They're very one-sided, but they're still conversations and are extremely funny to listen to.

Vance: "Vaughn, are you setting dinosaur traps?"

Vaughn: "Yeah".

Vance: "Vaughn, what kind of dinos are you trying to catch? Troodons? Vaughn, say troodon."

Vaughn: "Don".

Vance: "Good job, sweetie! You said troodon! Mom, Vaughn just said troodon!"

Me: "Yes, I heard. Good job Vaughnie."

Vance: "Vaughn, do you know that troodons are the smartest dinosaur? Say right."

Vaughn: "Right!"

And it keeps going like that all day long.

6 Responses to “Convos”

  1. That is a great conversation. At least Vaughn is learning a lot about dinosaurs from Vance. I bet it is pretty entertaining. Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Anonymous11:07 AM

    sounds like you should tape it?

  3. they won't do it if they see me trying to tape it. Same ordeal with the camera. If they're doing something cute, they stop when they see the camera out.

  4. Anonymous1:17 PM

    go undercover just like when we went tp'ing back in the day....macgruber style...

    big mike

  5. fun stuff. ella told me yesterday that "i really need that!" what the what?!! does she even know what a "need" is? lol i think she was talking about a dora balloon at wal-mart.



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