Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Ice Box

Vaughn hasn't mentioned princesses since I last mentioned it here, which has been at least a month ago. They're back now.

"I need a pwincess.", is how she asks for her costume. Vance wears costumes about 75% of the time we spend at home, so I'm thinking this is why she wants to wear a costume too. She only has one princess dress and she has wore the hell out of it these past two days.

It's a head scratcher because she's not your typical "princess". She's more of a tomboy, so it's funny to see her in a pink, shiny dress.

Think Refrigerator Perry in a dress. Princess Ice Box we shall call her.

She puts it on and says, "ooohhh...dancey, dancey" and twirls around. Then she'll ask you to "move" with her. If you're sitting she'll even uncross your legs and pull at your hands to get you up onto your feet for some good, old fashioned hand holding circle dancing.

It's a hoot.

Here's Ice Box getting ready for the park in her tulle skirt. She wanted to wear the princess dress. This was our compromise.

A belt would have so completed this look. It's Tuesday, which means the kids have school, so I get to hang my Mommy Hat up for a few hours.

Hot Dog. Enjoy your day.

2 Responses to “Ice Box”

  1. I don't think Vaughn could be any cuter in her skirt. I love the pig tails too. Where do you get all of Vance's dress up clothes? I think we are entering that stage too. Hope you have a wonderful Mommy free day.

  2. The day after halloween at stores is a good place to start because costumes are at least half off. I always forget this tip and have never bought any this way. Doh! Next Halloween it's on!

    Two of his costumes are his old Halloween costumes, which I always buy a size bigger so that he can wear them longer and that they're roomy enough for clothes underneath.

    Sadly, the rest of his costumes were from our neighbor in WI and are 2 sizes too small for Vance now. He still wears them and doesn't even realize that they don't fit. It's hilarious! Lillian Vernon used to sell a "Boy's Dress Up Trunk" full of costumes, but when I looked for it over the holidays I couldn't find it offered.



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