Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mid Summer Rut

I'm out of all good ideas of things to do with the kids. Is anyone else?

Vance is old enough to know all my tricks and cannot be entertained with measuring cups and a blow-up pool anymore. Everyday, after putting Vaughn down for her afternoon nap, Vance just looks at me with a "What now?" expression.

I'll tell you what, he's never up for watching the Housewives that I've been trying to catch up on. Horrible, horrible TV, and I frequently ask myself, "Why am I watching this?!?" But that's a whole nother post!

He's bored with me and whatever I suggest. Even if he does the suggesting, by the time I get everything ready he's already done with it.
Maybe this Kindergarten thing is coming at a good time. Hmmm....

We're in a rut. If anyone has any great ideas please pass them along.

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  1. Kristin8:17 AM

    I'm in the same rut. Carter keeps asking to go to school. So, I signed him up for a music class at the Y and a karate class. It's still not enough to keep him content.

    The blow up pool works but for some reason I have to be in it with him! So, I went out and bought a bigger pool! I would take them to my dad's but Drew is a nightmare and their dog wakes him up if he tries to take a nap. Sometime you are in eville let me know and they can play.

  2. Mine repel the whole blow up pool. The first time that I filled it up this season I loaded it up with all sorts of toys. They stayed in it for about 2 minutes and I'm not even kidding. They could care less that a giant container of water was out there. Then grass and bugs get it and they hate it even more. And then the whole, "It's too hot out here" whining begins. They are no fun at all! Drives me nuts!

  3. I have been trying to catch up on Housewives everyday, but it hasn't been working either. I hate that I love that show. What a train wreck!

    I don't have any good ideas about kid stuff. I don't like being outside unless I am near water because it is way too hot. Plus you know the idea of going to the pool alone is a scary thought. If I think of anything good I will let you know.

    Oh, the MO Botanical Gardens is having a Dino exhibit. It is open late on Thursday nights. It goes through October, so I am holding off for a while until the heat isn't so bad. I thought Vance may like it.

  4. Yes! I've checked into the Dino exhibit and Vance has seen the commercials too, so we'll definitely be doing it at some point. We'll have to plan it out way in advance. Justin will have to take off early and we'll have to get down there before traffic gets messy. It looks like fun!

  5. Let us know. We might meet you there too.

  6. you are good - i gave up years ago.

  7. Tasha - So what do you do with 3 kids at home in the summer??? How do you keep from going completely nuts?!?

  8. um....who says i'm not completely nuts? lol
    we try to get out of the house at least once a day (mainly for my sanity) - library, park, rec center (highland's version of a ymca), bike ride, scavenger hunt, etc. from 3:30 on almost every night is making dinner, eating, getting ready for baseball practice or games. we go through a ton of sidewalk chalk too! i honestly feel bad because there are a lot of days where i don't "do" anything. we are just going, going, going, or they play independently while i clean, cook, wash, etc. i really do wish we did more "activities" together.

    have you seen this?
    i LOVE it. and so do the kids!!!
    we are planning on compiling one soon

  9. I have seen her list - it's a really cute idea. I like her blog. Vance and I did the castle pictures from her last Thursday Craft post.

    One of my issues is that Vance and I are stuck at home while Vaughn naps. Of course we can go in the backyard, but overall we're just bored. Does Ella still nap? Another huge piece of the puzzle is that Vaughn is a major pain outside of the house. And this "play independently" is what? Can you please explain how you get them to do that? We have a house full of toys that no one plays with unless Mommy and Daddy are playing with them. It seems the older Vaughn gets the easier everything gets, so we're taking it day by day!

  10. Ella still naps from 12:30-3:30/4:00 everyday. At least the boys have each other to play with during nap time if I don't have an activity going on.

    A friend shared this article with me -
    you could always adjust the younger or older games for Vance.

  11. try edible color wheels or marbled paper made using shaving cream. i love the incredible art department website for fun ideas.



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