Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Vance is done training

This wasn't our intended conclusion to the evening. After dinner we headed out for a walk and towards the end Vance's bike chain broke. To fix the chain one training wheel must come off.

Lately we've been talking a lot about taking his training wheels off. Vance seemed to think that when he turned 5 he could automatically ride without training wheels, kind of like drinking when you're 21. Or voting when you're 18. We were waiting to take him to a large flat area to learn and not our hilly subdivision, but oh well. We already had the one off, so here goes.

Of course, Vaughn had to help.

And the wheels came off.

He did great! No crashes (yet!) and was able to ride by himself for a bit. I wish I had video of his best run. I'm still laughing to myself about what we must have looked like. Vance is riding by himself but is going in a sharp zig zags. Left! Right! Left! Right! Justin is running behind him laughing, Vaughn is next in our dysfunctional parade and is crying because she wants to ride the bike too. I was bringing up the rear, just soaking it all in. (And cursing age 5 yet again. Baby stealer!) We're so proud of him. Hope tomorrow's practice goes well!

4 Responses to “Vance is done training”

  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Way to go Vance!

  2. very cool!
    someone passed this tip along to us when the boys started riding w/o training wheels - lower their seat all the way down. they get a better sense of balance and can put their feet down better and more quickly. worked like a charm for us. micah was riding in 1 day and isaac in 3 w/o the trainers.

  3. Thanks for the tip! I'll do that!

  4. Daven5:42 PM

    We just bought Noah the same bike! It is so much fun to see the little people taking off and doing things on their own!



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