Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Yard work. Yawn.

I'm a little too excited about the hydrangea's growing in my yard. I can't help it. Here's a plant that I don't do anything to. I don't feed it, don't water it, and it just grows. And makes beautiful flowers from the whitest white to the bluest blue and every color in between.

My Ethel's got a workout over the weekend. We worked on all sides of the house trying to de-clutter the plants. We trimmed bushes. We trimmed trees. We pulled a lot out. Now everything has a bit more room to breathe. Now we just need to re-mulch the front and possibly plant a few more small perennials in the front for color.
(Ethel took a spin in the washing machine before the picture.)

We replanted 4 of the boxwoods in planters on the deck. Hopefully they'll live because I like what they're doing out there.

There's 15 or so yard bags that are outside on the curb waiting to be picked up. I'll be happy when they're gone.

I'm aware that this is incredibly boring. I just needed to get it out of my system.

2 Responses to “Yard work. Yawn.”

  1. Your hydrangea's are beautiful. I can't get mine to bloom. The boxwood looks good in the container too.
    Give the kids a hug for me.
    Aunt Dee

  2. From what I've read, the only way hydrangeas bloom is on stems that have grown on the old wood. So if you trim your hydrangeas down, they will always restart their growth from the ground...and NOT bloom.

    Let them go this year and don't trim them next spring and see what happens.



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