Friday, July 02, 2010

A List!

Random Friday: A List!

  • Vance can pump his legs while swinging now. Age 5 has struck again.
  • Vance has also requested that we stop using the word "Pants" in conjunction with his name. That's right, no more Vancer Pants, Mr. Pants, or Vancer Pants-A-Rooskie.
  • Vaughn has started saying new phrases, "Whatcha doin'?" or "Whatcha got?" or "Whatcha makin'?", when she sees that you're doing something. She uses a low voice and a New Jersey/Boston accent.
  • I bought a bottle of Rum at the grocery store yesterday. Not sure why, but I just felt like it was the right thing to do. I later circled back around and picked up strawberry daiquiri mix just to even things out a bit.
  • The Garden is growing like crazy! Except the red pepper plant that suffered a minor set back. It was eaten by a rabbit while the neighbor's dog was on vacation. Stripped every leaf off the plant. Since the dog has been back, no rabbit has been near and we're finally growing again.
It's Friday! Enjoy it!

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