Thursday, July 08, 2010

Teacher Thank You's

Vance's last day of preschool is today.

(Can you hear me trying to pull myself together?)

Here's the Thank You gifts that I made for his teachers. 3 tea towels and 1 flower ring.

(I'm happy with how the ring turned out and think I need one for myself now!)

Packaged and ready to go:

Countdown to Kindergarten has begun.

9 Responses to “Teacher Thank You's”

  1. Anonymous7:56 AM

    what do the letters stand for?


  2. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Love Your Work!!!!! Have a good day,
    Aunt Dee
    P.S. Your hand looks so tanned.

  3. Anonymous11:19 AM

    They look awesome! You should be proud!

  4. Those are wonderful! I love them.

  5. Those look absolutely wonderful. I would be so excited if I were one of his teachers and got that as a gift. You are so creative. By the way, your cucumber and tomatoes look so good. Do they taste as great as they look?

  6. Thanks!

    They're the teachers initials.

    We haven't tried the cucumber yet, but the tomatoes have been really good. We've got more basil and rosemary than I know what to do with - Sarah, whenever we get together I'm going to bring you some even if you don't want it!!! :)

  7. Oh, my hands aren't that tan - must be poor lighting! And I don't think they're that bumpy and veiny - don't know what's going on!

  8. I would love the basil and rosemary. You are going to have to give me tips on growing once we have a new house and I can start my garden.

  9. Wow! I so wish I was crafty. Love, love that ring.



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