Saturday, July 03, 2010

This Bottle of Wine...

This bottle of wine...

broke our first wine opener.

broke our second wine opener.

laughed at our attempt at using pliers to get the broken corkscrew out of the cork.

laughed even harder at our attempt of using a drill to uncork it.

It finally gave in and broke.

We couldn't even drink it and now we're out of wine openers.

Good thing I bought the rum. I'm pretty sure it has a screw top.

6 Responses to “This Bottle of Wine...”

  1. I can't believe you used a drill - SO funny!! Make yourself a daiquiri - they're better on a hot summer day anyway! :)

  2. I guess this means that you're not at the hospital having a baby! So anxious for you guys!

    Hot day at the botanical gardens! A daq. Is just what I need! Guess it has to be that or a beer, we're out of wine openers!

  3. Did it really break the good opener? That's terrible!! Go for the daiquiri...wise choice!

  4. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Booze is booze...always have a backup plan. Missed you at the pool party yesterday and Mcdole fireworks tonight. The mayor

  5. Should we hold the givers of this wine responsible? I'm thinking so! :)

  6. Did you see the YouTube video where the French guy opens a bottle of wine with his shoe? That probably would have helped.



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