Thursday, August 12, 2010


It was hot outside yesterday, but not as crazy hot as it's been the last several days.

Vance had a half day of school, a big shout out to the school's email reminder because I totally forgot that it was indeed a half day, so they found the only shady spot in the yard to do some skateboarding.

Well, actually to practice some boarding moves. According to Vance, skateboarding is easier on the grass because the board doesn't wobble as much.

I don't argue with him. I'm all in for grass skateboarding. Smart kid, that Vance. Since I'm not chasing kids on skateboards I could take pictures.

Happy Thursday! Here's to not forgetting to pick the kids up at school!

3 Responses to “Boarding”

  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    where the hell are the helmets and pads?

  2. No helmets and pads. Just balls.

  3. did he dump her off? i know its sick and twisted but that would be kind of funny {insert jeff lewis laugh}. at least they made up!! :)



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