Friday, August 27, 2010

Lunch Lady

Yesterday Vance bought his lunch at school for the very first time.

(Won't it be sad when the little things become not-so exciting?)

It was a very meditated move for him. He thought about it a lot before deciding that yesterday would be the day.

(While cafeteria food kind of gives me the creeps, it was SO nice to not make his lunch yesterday!)

Here's what he chose: Turkey and cheese sandwich, cinnamon apples, salad, and water to drink. He didn't like the apples, so didn't eat much of those and he forgot to put salad dressing on his salad so I can't imagine he ate a lot of that. He was pretty hungry when he got home from school.

I asked him this morning if he'd like to buy or bring and after hearing the menu for today he opted for bringing. Good choice, Mr. Vance. Pizza burrito sounds pretty horrible.

In other news, Vaughn wants to be a mermaid.

More on that later. Gotta get those kids ready for the day!

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