Wednesday, August 04, 2010

UPDATE: My shipment just arrived at the door, 12:11 PM. I placed my order yesterday morning at 7:58 AM.

Yesterday I shopped online for things that I normally buy at Target. Halfway through I thought to myself, "Am I really ordering fabric softener and Ziploc's online?". It all seemed a bit strange, but I now think I'm in love with

I can shop in my pj's and take my time to read the labels. I can run to the linen closet to see if we need toilet paper so I don't over buy. They guarantee that you'll have the items in two days. I placed my order yesterday morning and it's already out for delivery today. Shipping was free and because it was my first order I saved 15% on my entire order. Most of my items were on sale and one item even offered a $1.00 ecoupon, (online coupon).

Better yet, I know I saved money because I wasn't tempted with all the extras that I normally pick-up while I'm at Target. And I didn't waste my precious "free" time at Target while both kids were at school.

All I need now is for grocery stores to do the same and I'll be set.

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  1. very cool!!
    i thought drive through at the post office was the greatest thing ever invented....
    my be changing my mind soon.
    and groceries delivered to your door?!! i would consider paying double at times for that service.

  2. funny you mentioned, yesterday when i got the mail we had a postcard from in the mail (we've switched to ordering baby stuff online), and wanted to introduce us to (and give us a 20% off coupon), so much easier to order from home and we end up saving money both on products and not buying extras we don't need from the store

  3. I've used before too, I'm pretty sure that's why I got the email that offered 15% off. I missed out on the 20% offer though, what's up with that!?!

  4. FYI, Schnucks delivers. Enjoy your extra free time!

  5. cool-I'll have to check that out!!!



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