Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vaughn's First Day

The lines of summer school always blur with when the first day of the "real" school year begins. I thought Vaughn's first day was last week, but I was wrong. It was yesterday. There's no real point to all this, I just like to have a picture of their first day to compare with the last day.

So, here you go. This is Vaughn, having summer school under her belt and ready for her first school year.

If you ask her what her name is she'll tell you, "I don't know" half the time and the other time she'll tell you, "Vaughnie Bell".

(That's not really her middle name.)

It's Wednesday, picture day for Vance at his school, and I believe we'll be having some form of noodles for dinner. "Noodes" the kids call them for short, which I think is funny. The weather is cooler and I'm getting excited for fall. I almost picked up a Halloween table runner at PBK but resisted. My sister and I used FaceTime on our phones for the first time yesterday and it was cool. The kids especially loved seeing each other.

Make it a great day!

5 Responses to “Vaughn's First Day”

  1. sounds like the kids are learning French - Vaughnie Bell (Belle : Pretty) and Noodles (Nouilles (sounds like new-ye) and perhaps sounds like what the kids are saying.

  2. Ha! Thanks for making it sound more reserved than it really is around here!

    "Vaughnie Bell" is just a nickname that's used so often that she thinks Bell is her real middle name. "Noodes" is just short for noodles.

    If anything we speak more Spanish than French around here. Vaughn just yelled out this morning, "Ayudame!" when she needed help taking her shoes off. Silly girl.

  3. FaceTime Rocks! LOVE IT!

  4. Anonymous10:44 AM

    vance loves that green shirt.

    the mayor

  5. I am so ready for fall too. The cooler weather is making me very happy. I looked through the PBK catalog and wanted to buy lots of Halloween stuff too, but I stopped myself.

    Happy First day to Vaughn!



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