Monday, September 27, 2010

What's wrong with your memory, Kid?

Vance's first trip to the beach, November 2007

Last night Vance was asking us about crabs.

(Stop it, not those types of crabs.)

Are there crabs in Florida? We've been there a lot. Why haven't we ever seen any before?

I went on and on telling him about the blue crabs we caught (using drumsticks?) and was surprised that he didn't remember catching them and putting them in the sand castle bucket.

It made sense after I thought about it.

Oh, we did that before you were born. No wonder you don't remember that.

Funny, when I was telling him the story and picturing everything in my head he was right there leaning over the bucket to look at them.

Does this mean that I can't imagine a life without him?


Or maybe was it just a case of Tired Mommy Brain.


It's Monday and I don't know what I'm going to do with the kiddos today. Maybe the Butterfly Garden? Was up late and will have to see what happens when this coffee kicks in. Speaking of coffee, what's your favorite? I've been on a Caribou kick recently and sad that I'm out of Trader Joe's Vanilla creamer. It's not as sweet as the other French Vanilla creamers.

Have a good day!

2 Responses to “What's wrong with your memory, Kid?”

  1. peet's coffee is pretty good.
    i usually use the skinny vanilla latte creamer but i was trying to be healthy and bought the silk vanilla creamer. tastes weird. bummed too. give me the non-dairy, chemical crap any day.

  2. Coffee...perhaps my favorite subject! I agree, Peets is good! From starbucks I like the espresso roast for making coffee at home, other than that, I don't prefer their coffee (which is funny considering I used to work there). Kaldi's is also good. Hands down my favorite is Montana Coffee Traders coffee though! Check it out:

    You like doing fun, out of the box things, so you should try roasting your own beans sometime! There's a place in Belleville where you can buy the green beans, or you can get them online as well! I used to roast my own coffee with just using an old air popper and it was so good! Be warned, the house may get a little smoky. I always roasted my beans near an open window. I like buying the green beans that come from Guatemala.

    As far as creamer goes, I drink it black, so have no suggestions there!



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