Friday, October 08, 2010

Vaughnie & Clyde: Updates

Family picture!

How are those kids? I'll tell you!


Vance's motion sickness is back. (I don't understand how it comes and goes, but it does.) I've made an improvement to the puke bucket: placing a plastic bag inside of it and screwing on the lid. That way I just take the bag out and toss it. Disgusting yes, but I'll take contained puke over un-contained puke any day.

He's still filling every empty second with words. Talks nonstop that Vance. In the car the other morning he had gotten sick and was actually quiet for a minute straight afterwards then busted out with, "Mom, did you know that brown bears eat more meat than grizzly bears." Or it might have been the other way around but I just started laughing. His mind must be constantly going.

He's going through another growth spurt because lately he's eating a ton. And yesterday night his soccer classes started again. It's an instructional league, so no games, but it was the first class that he's EVER done without any hesitation leaving our side for. Major advancements on his part. We were proud of him.

Today marks his last vacation day and he'll be back to school on Monday. I've enjoyed the last three weeks with him home all day with me.


Vaughn is into princesses, mermaids, and butterflies more than ever. While we were away last weekend she got to play with the older girls toys and loved every magical princessy moment of it. She loves wearing PJ's now and often asks randomly during the day if we can put them on. After getting her dressed she looks down at herself, feels her clothes, smiles, and says, "I beautiful!" As much as she does like the girlie girl stuff, she's also into "boy" stuff. Cars, trains, legos, digging in the dirt, that kind of stuff. It's just easier to say that Vaughn is into everything these days.

She's starting to talk more during class, so her teacher tells me. I guess during story time she interrupted to tell the class about her beautiful, pink, princessy PJ's.

Last night at Vance's soccer practice she repeatedly tried to sneak on the field. She also laughed at a little boy who was crying. (I don't know where that came from.) I'll also tell you that she has 4 or 5 splinters in her arm/hand that she won't let us touch. My big little lovely lady friend is one of a kind.

If you'd ask Vaughn about being two years old, she'd tell you that it is a struggle and her parents would agree. Surviving everyday is a small victory.

Vance & Vaughn:

Together they've been starting to bother each other and in return, it's bothering us. For the most part they're good together and we consider ourselves lucky. You can tell when they've been together too much and need some alone time. Vance is a good big brother and always looks after Vaughn in new settings, like a new playground or something like that. Vaughn often takes the role as "little sister" and lets Vance show her the way. Other times it's the exact opposite and we have to remind Vance to not be bullied by his 2 year old sister.

Lately their favorite thing to do is color. All about coloring. It's borderline an addiction. I can't keep enough coloring books and drawing paper in the house and I had to go buy more Twistable crayons last week. (Vaughn still just peels the paper off the regular crayons and makes huge messes with markers.)

They're each others best friends and I love seeing their bond grow.

Now, it's breakfast time. I never meant for this to be this long. Enjoy your day! And weekend! I'm making taco soup on Sunday!

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  1. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Nice post Charisa Dee! I like. And I like taco soup! Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the "family pic" :D

  3. I liked this post too. It is nice to get an update on the family.



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