Thursday, November 04, 2010

7:14 AM Thursday

Already crafting with Vance.

He has poo-poo'd many of my ideas for our Family Turkey Project. I wasn't on board with the green felt turkey head, but we went with it. I seem to be the only one bending here.

When he gets the shoebox diorama assignment I'm not giving in as easily.

So, there.

3 Responses to “7:14 AM Thursday”

  1. Anonymous8:21 PM

    This turkey looks really cute! MeMe

  2. fun stuff! i need to bust out the thanksgiving crafts now or it will be too late. the boys would rather draw the indians an pilgrims killing each other. ugh. maybe i wont get it out after all.

  3. This is a homework assignment from school. I'm not busting out with any sort of turkey day crafts yet! It's due next week and Vance is in a hurry to finish it. Guess he gets that from his dad because I'm a huge procrastinator!



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