Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Craft Flop: Thanksgiving Edition

paper bag popcorn turkey

I love One Charming Party. Great stuff is being done over there, everyone should check it out.

I tried their paper bag turkey centerpiece idea.......and it was a flop. Not a total disaster, but I would definitely do things differently the second time around. Not that I'll be making one anytime soon, but in case you do, here's the story:

Head on over to One Charming Party to get the complete instructions.

My issues were that the grease from the popcorn soaked through the small paper bags. And I didn't realize that the small paper bags that I had on hand were "giant" sized. That made my turkey legs look out of proportion. Oh, and mine used a whole lot more popcorn than what the tutorial called for. (Justin was a champ and ran to the store for me twice while I was trying to make this.)

I don't like popcorn or even the smell of popcorn, so having to work with it wasn't the best, but it's a cute idea. If anyone has better luck with it let me know!

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