Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

7:38 AM

The kids anxiously awaiting to come downstairs to see if Santa left anything for them. The parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle were still in a stupor at this point.

Vaughn didn't waste anytime getting into her Cinderella dress, do a little dance with her princess wand, and offered up tea from her Beauty and The Beast tea cart to those willing to humor her. She does make a mean cup of pretend tea.

Vance got his DS. He now refers to it by its full name, Nintendo DSi. As in, "Can I play my Nintendo DSi?" and "Where's my Nintendo DSi?" Justin and I mock him, because we're horribly malicious parents, which has only reinforced the idea that it's okay to call it that. He loves it and I can't wait to buy Tetris & Ms. Pacman and play it while he's asleep.

Justin and I were this year's lucky recipients of the Irish whiskey cake and can of Spotted Dick. It was disguised as being a sweet gift from our two darling children.

Many, many years ago my uncle gave my mom a whiskey cake for Christmas with the best intentions. She in turn decided to mock his generosity and made a move that altered our Christmases ever since.

The next Christmas (or it might have been that same night - while we open gifts Christmas morning, we used to save one gift to open on Christmas night. I need a fact checker on this one.) she wrapped it up and gave it back to him. For years it just went back and forth between them. They got creative with how they gave it to each other, one time my mom had it Fed Ex'd to my uncle's office. One year it was decided that the love needed to be shared with everyone and it's been going around the family ever since. The can of spotted dick was added last year, acting as the ugly stepsister of the whiskey cake. (The spotted dick is apparently some sort of sponge pudding. It's in a can and I should probably provide a picture of both of them for visual purposes.) I'm already plotting how, when, and who we'll be giving it to.

Silly? Yes. Immature? Of course. But we sure do have fun.

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