Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy/Not so happy

I'm happy that Vaughn finally seems to be getting over her cold.

I'm not so happy that she's passed it on to me and even though I've been Emergen-C'ing everyday I've still got it.


I'm happy that another big load of stuff left our house yesterday en route for Goodwill.

I'm not so happy that they wouldn't take the car seat bases for the infant car seats. (Anyone use the Graco snug fit and need extra bases? We've got two. And they're gray if that matters.)


I'm so extremely happy that Justin's plans switched last minute and he doesn't have to travel this week, which means I won't be left alone to deal with the weather that's upon us. (He's been traveling like crazy lately.)

I'm not so happy about the weather that's heading our way. We lived in WI during the last ice storms here, so we've been kind of nonchalant about everything until last night when I caught on to everyone's hysteria. Today I'll be charging all child related devices in case of power outages. I can deal without having food. A bored kid will send me right to the edge.


Taking care of shop real quick, Vance scored 2 baskets at basketball and 1 goal at his soccer game over the weekend. That's his first soccer goal ever, if you're keeping score.

And now I'm off to pack a lunch. PB & J has been requested and therefore that's what it'll be. I live to serve.

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