Monday, January 24, 2011


Here's what our past few days have looked like:

Snow Day! No school due to almost a foot of snow. Exciting!

Snow Day. No school due to lingering snow. Okay, whatever. Roads are clear, took kids to somewhat questionable Jump House to burn some energy.

Vance's basketball game. 3 baskets for him! Straight from there we left for his indoor soccer game with my parents in tow. Indoor place smells like an indoor soccer place times ten. Vance does well in the game but is tired from hoops. At one point I see him sitting on the field. And he may have done more than a few cartwheels out there too.

More snow. Enough already. Stops by afternoon. Before bedtime I get a head start on making Vance's lunch for Monday.

Snow day. You gotta be effing kidding me. There's no snow. A little bit of ice apparently. I read the email from the district 3 times to make sure and cross check it with the news. It's real. No school today. I'm crushed.

Here's looking forward until tomorrow.

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