Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Situation in My Closet

Yesterday I tackled The Situation in My Closet. The Situation has been brewing for many, many months and finally had reached the This is Ridiculous level.

Quite some time ago my shoe organizer broke. And by broke I mean that the kids did it. (Vaughn usually goes for flats, while Vance opts for my dark brown boots because they make him feel like a pirate, so he tells me.) I fixed it, it broke again, the lesson here is to not by a cheap shoe organizer. Or to not have kids.

Either could remedy the situation.

For months most of my shoes have been in a heap on the floor. Some brave soles chose to battle adversity and hang on by the edge of their heels on a half fallen bar of the cheap contraption. Whatever the case, it was a sad mess in there. Action needed to be taken.

I bought two new organizers yesterday and I have order once again in my domain. I really could use a third, as some shoes are now being forced to cohabitate.

Last night while I was in my closet putting clothes away Vaughn wandered in and saw my shoes in their new organizers. She politely told me to, "go out there for a little bit", meaning for me to leave the closet so she could check out her (my) shoes a little closer.

I'm pretty sure she got this from my side of the family, as the love for shoes runs pretty deep around there. While I like shoes, my mom, sister, and brother definitely have beaten me out of the running of Most Like Imelda Marcos award. Vaughn may be grooming herself to one day compete with them and when she's older and has a shoe organizer of her own let's just hope she didn't buy a cheap one.

4 Responses to “The Situation in My Closet”

  1. I LOVE that she loves shoes!!! Too funny- speaking of shoe organizers that is next on my shoes are also in a heap and in boxes and tubs.

  2. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Okay I just talked with our friend, Denise (NuSpace) and have asked her to come help me with my closet problem! I hope to be organized like you soon. Mom

  3. Thank goodness! You've got your own Situation going on there!!!

    Don't forget before and after pics!



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