Thursday, January 06, 2011

(Vance can turn out masterpieces in mere minutes. Think of what he can produce over 3 weeks.)

Christmas put Vance in the giving spirit. He already likes to draw and make things for people, but his factory really kicked it into high speed when presented with over 3 weeks of no school.
That's a lot of free time. Also, Vaughn likes to do whatever Vance does, so the kitchen resembled a mini sweat-shop during the day.

Now that winter break is over and Vance is back in school production has slowed down, which I'm kind of thankful for. We're up to our ears with child manufactured art around here.

Which brings up a good question, what do you do with your kid's art? I don't keep much, but I do snap a picture of the good ones and keep them filed in my computer. That seems to be working for me.

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