Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vance's First Basket

Setting: School Gymnasium

Attendees: Justin, Vaughn, my parents, and myself.

Weather: Brisk, but sunny.

Mood: Vaughn is squirrelly, otherwise we're all excited.

Here we go.

Second game for Vance. First basket ever made.

Immediately following the ball swishing through the net he ran all the way across the court to where we were sitting and high-fived Justin. It was great seeing him so excited.

Vaughn missed it because she was off mingling with older kids on the empty side of the court next to us. Apparently, she's a social butterfly.

He relived making the shot the whole way home. And is even doing so right now, next to me, as I type this.

First one down!

4 Responses to “Vance's First Basket”

  1. Anonymous2:18 PM

    So happy we were there to see his first basket!!

  2. Hey Charisa, This is Angie at State Farm. Congrats to Vance I am sure he was on cloud nine after making the shot.

    I wanted to ask you about Wisconsin. We are going to Middleton the week of July 18th for Star Days. I was trying to find out what is in the area that would be good see while we are there. I appreciate your help.

  3. Hi Angie!

    Yes, I can help you out with that! Middleton is a great area! I think it will be easier to do through email - will you pass your email address on to my mom and I'll get it from her?

  4. Anonymous7:57 AM

    that is one white gymnasium.




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