Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Honoring The Doctor: Make some Oobleck

We love Dr. Seuss. Today was his birthday, so I made oobleck for the kids. (He wrote a book called Bartholomew and the Oobleck. Sad to say, I've never read the book.)

Oobleck is the weirdest stuff. It's solid and a liquid at the same time. I'm sure that defies one of Newton's laws...

Mix 2 cups of corn starch and 1 cup of water.

It's hard to tell from the pictures, but I'll try to explain. Looking at it, it looks as if it's liquid. If you move the bowl around it moves around. But when you push down on it or hit the surface with your hand quickly it reacts like a solid.

Crazy stuff.

It kept the kids entertained for, oh, 4 minutes. I think they would have lasted longer if I had separate bowls for each of them. They kept wiping it on each other's hands and I stopped the madness before it escalated.

We're trying to sell this house and I hear that wall and ceiling splatters are bad for resale.

Anyways...This is how we tipped our hat to Dr. Seuss.

One Response to “Honoring The Doctor: Make some Oobleck”

  1. I remember making that when I was a kid. I will have to mix some up for Samuel. I bet he would love it. I also really like Vance's hat in that last picture.



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