Monday, March 28, 2011

Right shoes, wrong outfit

On Saturday, after they boys went to get haircuts, we all ventured out together. We went to eat lunch then afterwards went to buy new running shoes for myself.

Upon entering the store it was quite apparent that my outfit no longer made sense.

Turns out, one normally wears exercise gear to do this. That's okay. I owned it while giving my shoes a few test runs outside of the store, in the snow, in a zebra striped dress, and side-zip leggings.

At this certain store you don't pick the shoe, the shoe picks you. Kind of like Harry Potter at the magic wand store. It was looking like the red and white ones were my match and I wasn't very happy because they were ugly. My shoe sorcerer could tell what was going on and disappeared into the back for a good 5 minutes. She then came out with the holy grail of running shoes. They fit my foot perfectly. And they were pink, white, and gray.

Lesson learned: Never settle.

Have a great Monday.

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