Friday, April 22, 2011

Doctor Vaughnie

Vaughn and I have been spending a lot more time together since she's decided to ditch her afternoon nap. 

Here she is playing doctor. 

Consumption levels of pretend tea have been upped, which is also the reason why my blogging levels have been down. 

I'm running out of good ideas to keep her us occupied all day long.

Vance is home today for Good Friday, so at least I have backup. 

Happy Earth Day everyone! If you bring a reusable travel mug to Starbucks today they'll fill it up with coffee or tea for free! Thanks, Tasha, for passing that info along! 

2 Responses to “Doctor Vaughnie”

  1. i dont know what i would do if ella gave up her naps. they are my saving grace. lol i mean seriously, the kid doesnt even walk - she bounces and jumps everywhere. just watching her walk is exhausting at times.

    color wonder? bubbles? bubble wrap? ella will spend an hour popping that stuff. bath crayons? i put her in the tub with these and i clean the bathroom sans tub.

  2. We're in this tough stage of being in the middle of not taking a nap, but still needing one. By 4:00 she's A Mess, half asleep at dinner, often asking to go to bed at 6:30.

    Every once in a while she will take a nap, but then she's up until 10:30 talking to her "ladies" in bed. Then waking her up early on school days is a chore. A vicious cycle!



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