Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Traveling Mr.

Yes, I've been MIA and no, it's not because I've been off doing exciting things. Actually it's the exact opposite. 

My Traveling Mr. has been gone since last weekend and finally gets his buns back home this afternoon. While he was gone we had approximately 7 minutes to talk each day. It's been a long week for everyone and we're looking forward to a lazy night at home.

The kids made cupcakes to surprise their father. Unfortunately, his favorite is white on white.  

Did anyone else see that Friday Night Lights started again last night? I taped it to watch tonight. Is anyone else alarmed at all the drama going on in Parenthood? And with the Housewives? It's almost hard to watch. Woof. 

Should we address Vaughn's hair? Scroll up to look at the picture and notice how long it's getting. It's out of control and I think a semi drastic change needs to take place. 

It's Saturday...Holla! 5 finger drinks, Marky Mark style all around!

4 Responses to “My Traveling Mr.”

  1. I know your Mr. is anxious and happy to be coming home!

  2. You deserve some drinks after being a single mom for the week!
    We watched parenthood last week and were laughing SO hard at the beginning with the phone call and all.

  3. what did you do with her hair? i like it long. Ella's gets a bit curly on the ends but stringy through out the day. kinda frustrating.

  4. Haven't done anything yet, but she needs a big ol' trim. Maybe 4 inches? Need to keep it long enough to pull it back. It's everywhere!



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