Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pie Chart O' Life

If you were to do a pie chart of my life this is how it would look:

This is the type of compelling information that brings you back here everyday, isn't it? 

What would yours look like?

3 Responses to “Pie Chart O' Life”

  1. 43% is "at work"
    7% is "charity"
    21% is "driving"
    29% is "at home"

  2. Thanks for playing along! Meals on Wheels, right?

  3. Yeah, MoW is one...I also do stuff for the MS Society, Make A Wish and other things as they come up...hubby and I helped build a playground in Detroit a couple years back. And then a year or so ago, a semi-truck lost control and plunged over the bridge (I-75) and landed on a house very close to where the playground was. The fire took out a couple of houses and melted the playground.



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