Monday, April 04, 2011

What we've been up to: A List!

What we've been up to: A List!

  • I volunteered in Vance's classroom for the first time last week. Kindergarten is crazy place, man. I couldn't handle that everyday. The teachers asked how old I was. I'm going to start telling people what they want to hear instead of my standard reply of "Yes, I know I look young...". Maybe I'll write to Oprah, tell her my story, and suggest doing a show that reveals tips on how to look older.
  • I realized that Vaughn will be 3 soon and is still on the sippy cup. For the most part, Vance was done with his by 3 but I've learned early on that these two children are not comparable by any means. Vaughn, bless her heart, is the epitome of clumsy. We're going to take the open container hurdle slowly. 
  • Vance has found his love of sports. Recently he mentioned that he'd like try polo. I told him that I'd file that recommendation and we can revisit it when an opportunity presents itself. In the mean time we've been doing lots of basketball, soccer, kickball, and pitching to him. 
  • Last week I tweeted about a spider in our house. I didn't want a bug smear to be on the ceiling, we don't have ceiling touch up paint, so I was waiting until he came down onto the wall to get him. Of course I forgot about him and next thing I knew he was gone. Vance found him yesterday though and we may or may not have carried him safely outside.
  • Vance has been waking up early again. When he wakes up he gets himself dressed, puts his pj's away, brushes his teeth, and makes his bed. This is a good thing but stinks when you try to put him back into bed and find his bed neatly made. I heard the ruckus and found him, ready for the day, sitting in the kitchen. I let him hang out in our bed instead. This was at 6:15 this morning. It's going to be a long day for him.
Have a great Monday!

3 Responses to “What we've been up to: A List!”

  1. Just teach him to fix his own breakfast and how to turn on the cartoons. You'll be set!

  2. Don't bend to those people's obvious need to feel superior to you. If they think you're younger than you are, they were probably already shaking their heads that you have two children (at YOUR age!). And then you foiled their plot with your real age (whatever that may be)! HA! In your face! (...sorry, don't mind me :) ).

    Spiders are good luck and kill all the other types of buggy bugs that are in your house. Don't kill the spiders. But if you don't like them in your house, you did the right thing by escorting him out.

    Independence is a good thing. What a little man!

  3. we were at a chinese restaurant when my younger sister was visiting a few weeks ago when the kids all wanted to see what animal we were on the chinese calendar. my 6 year old niece YELLED across the restaurant "mom! weren't you born in 1994?!" we all about died a horrifying death staring at our egg drop soup. lol
    i just wish i would get carded again. lol
    hang in there. they are just jealous. and you don't owe anyone an explanation. it's called great genes!



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