Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Happy Vaughnie Day!

Newborn baby Vaughn. So little. So peaceful.

(Hopefully this is the last picture of her with a monitoring device on her ankle.) 

Oh, how she's changed through the years. 

Larger than life. We wouldn't have it any other way. 

Happy 3rd birthday to our big little lady. 

6 Responses to “Happy Vaughnie Day!”

  1. Happy Birthday Vaughn! Cute as a newborn and cute as a 3 year old!

  2. Happy Birthday Vaughnie! I hope you have a fun day celebrating.

  3. aww Happy Birthday to your little lady

  4. Anonymous12:42 PM

    gonna give her some facebook profile love....mike

  5. woo hoo!!
    Happy Birthday MIss Vaughn!

    Today was Ella's due date and I remember being in Linda Hanselman's shop when she was talking about her being born. I was trying to throw myself into labor by shopping. lol

  6. Thanks everyone! She had a great day!



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