Monday, May 02, 2011

Mulch? Done.

Wanting to surprise the Mr., I moved a ton of mulch by the time he got home on Friday. I got the front of the house finished, the side yard, and part of the back before he pulled into the driveway.(Vaughn and I also planted petunias, basil, cilantro and three other plants. Two of them were purple salvia which we did not smoke.)

(That's a joke.) 

Here's my method: I use the snow shovel to scoop the mulch into the wheelbarrow then wheel it, dump it, and spread. Vaughn slowed me down a bit, but helped by scooping mulch into her little bucket and dumping it into the wheelbarrow. She also wanted to drive the wheelbarrow, of course.

Once he got home we finished pretty quickly and were able to enjoy the rest of the evening with that task being done. (And by enjoy I mean playing kickball with Vance and blowing bubbles with Vaughn.) 

It's needless to say that I'm still sore from all this activity. And that I still have mulch dust in my ears and nose. 

Lots to do today! Have a good day!   

2 Responses to “Mulch? Done.”

  1. I wish we could get our mulch done that quickly.

  2. From your pics, looks like you have waaaayyy more space than us! So much work, but looks so nice when its done! :)



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