Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Cicadas, Ants, and Lizards! Oh My!

My hydrangeas are blooming. Beautiful blue, pink, and purple snowballs. However, I can't go outside to enjoy them because of the *@#%!*$ cicadas. 

I've banned myself from the backyard. I hope the kids aren't expecting to play out there today. Or tomorrow or the next day or even the next because from what I've Googled it looks like they're going to be around until the end of June. 

Yesterday I noticed that they were noisier and are hitting the back of the house more often, meaning the little effers are getting braver by feeling comfortable enough to move into our space. No telling where we'll find them today. 


In other news, if you follow my tweets (if you don't you totally should - there's good stuff there) you'll know that the ants for Vance's ant farm arrived yesterday. Some trouble makers in the group are chewing off the rubber seal of the lid. If they're successful in doing so does that mean that they can get out? I'm not sure, but tape seemed to be the best answer. They're on supervision today and if they knock off the silly behavior I'll take the tape off. 


I hid a small, plastic, very real looking lizard in one of Vance's drawers 3 days ago and he still hasn't said anything about it. Maybe he hasn't noticed it or maybe he's just cool with a realish looking reptile living amongst his undies.


We have cicadas in the backyard, ants in the house, and a fake lizard in Vance's drawer. 

That's all the nature I can handle right now.

Happy Taco Tuesday!

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  1. like the new banner, much better than yesterday



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