Friday, July 15, 2011

Here Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly...

Vaughn has been trying all summer to get a butterfly to land on her finger. 

On Wednesday we made an impromptu trip to the Butterfly House to better her odds on catching one. 

She gave it her best, but nothing. 

She was getting upset and the heat was getting to her. 

The defeat was heart breaking.   

Not for Vance though. He plowed right on through.

We'll have to try again.

(Don't worry - We had ice cream soon after and that perked her right back up.)

Another event crossed off our To-Do list though!


Hey, put your hands in the air because it's Deck Painting Day! 

Ready for it to be done and hoping the color that we chose is going to look okay. 

Have a great Friday! And a great weekend!

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