Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Something out of Nothing: Movie Night!

I make something out of nothing everyday.

That's my secret.

Life, right now, isn't the most exciting. 

It's my job as a magician Mom to make it appear as if it was.

(And, silly kids, they fall for it all the time.)

I made a "Movie Tonight" sign to start the hype then moved the kids craft table in front of the TV so we could enjoy dinner and a movie. The kids helped set the table and made it "fancy" which occupied them while I got dinner ready. When we were done eating, we paused the movie, cleared the table and moved it out of the way, then finished the movie snuggled together on the couch. Just a few tweaks made this ordinary movie night extraordinary.      

Have you pulled a bunny out of your hat and made something more than it was?


And just for fun...
Let's talk about the dishwasher. 

I'm out of whack with my dishwashing schedule.

My preference is to unpack first thing in the morning and run it last thing at night.

Somehow I've gotten off schedule and my world has been turned upside down. 

(Not really, but just annoying to unpack during witching hours.)

What's your preference? When do you like to unpack?

It's Wednesday and the kids and I will be busy solving the world's problems the pool. 

It's too hot to do anything else. Anyone join me for a rain dance?

5 Responses to “Something out of Nothing: Movie Night!”

  1. hey girl! the role of a magician/mom is so true!

    i used to do the same thing with the dishwasher - load it through out the day, run it as I went to bed, then emptied it in the a.m. THEN i saw a blog post last week of a family that did the same thing and their dishwasher caught fire and at 2am they were evacuating their burning home. :( needless to say, i quit running it while we were sleeping or even gone. same with the dryer. not as convenient now but i am looking for a new schedule too. :( it had been my routine for years! damn.

  2. I have no dishwasher packing/unpacking schedule...I guess I'm just that spontaneous!

    WE NEED RAIN! here in Michigan too.

  3. I hope you guys had fun at the pool. We were outside today for 30 minutes and we all wanted to die. It is like a huge steam room outside. I can't stand it.

    So about the dishwasher, I always unload in the morning and then fill up during the day. I try to start it right after dinner if possible because I also heard of things catching on fire. That freaks me out. Normally the washer is ending as we are getting in bed. Anyway that is our routine.

  4. Hi, off topic, what happened with the smelly PB rugs? im curious, i just found your blog and i have that problem.

  5. BeachPines, here's a link to my two most popular Stinky PB rug posts:


    I returned my rug for the full amount and received store credit. Hope the posts are helpful.



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