Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekend Update: Late Edition

It's Wednesday and I'm just now talking about the weekend. As in last weekend. 

Let's play catch up, shall we?

We kicked things off with a trip to the zoo.

There's a baby elephant in the picture below, but looks just like another rock. 

(I normally don't take many animal pictures - I mean, what do you do with them? Vance was adamant that we take pictures, so I obliged.)

We petted sharks and sting ray's which was cool. Vaughn loved it, Vance was a little standoffish.

I think everyone's favorite were the penguins. 

Here's a giraffe. Doing giraffe things. Oooh, exciting.

Shortly after this Vaughn malfunctioned, ala Vicki the robot from Small Wonder. Remember that show? When someone turned Vicki off she powered down to this exact pose. I captured this phenomenon on camera last week at the Butterfly House. (See below.) 

This is what happens when Vaughn gets too hot. She shuts down and everything stops working. It's hard getting her to bounce back so it's best to just pack it up.

We quickly made our way to the exit and to the parking lot in which we asked ourselves, "Why do we NEVER go to the zoo in the fall when it's cooler outside?"

Next up, bowling!

Look at Vance's form. Impeccable! Justin beat me by one lousy point, so I'll have to step it up next time. 

By the way, this is the nicest non-boutique bowling alley I've ever been to. It's clean, non-smoking, has automatic bumpers that pop up for the kids then go back down for the adults, I could go on and on. You don't walk out smelling like a foot or that you've been deep fried and they serve draft beer on Sundays at 9:00 AM. I'm not much for drafties but to each is own. 

For those readers who didn't click away after the thrilling picture of the giraffe and his bum, it's Craft Time!

Look who's mixing up concrete in the kitchen! 

The kids had more fun making this stepping stone than I thought they would. At first I was planning on a design but figured it would be best to just let them do it randomly. They had a great time. 

Finished, now off to dry.

Those were the highlights, my friends. 

The only other notable event is the current deck situation. It's done, looks great, but due to the excessive heat isn't drying the way it should. It's still tacky therefore no furniture or no walking. 

You know what happens around here when we clear the furniture off the deck? Kamikaze birds fly directly into the windows. 

Seriously. We have bird smudges and feathers stuck to the windows. Guess we should hang something in the windows to deter them. 

Have a great Wednesday! 

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  1. Anonymous7:57 AM

    nice updates Charisa Dee!


  2. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Love Vance's bowling shirt!!



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