Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bird Chatter

Our house is still very much on the market. 

Showings have picked up, for some strange reason, and every showing appointment is more inconvenient than the last. 

It's wearing on me and I'm almost at my breaking point.

The feedback from yesterday's showing went a little something like this: "Great house, but not in an area conducive to where buyers work or play."

If the location isn't right why in the effing world did you see it in the first place??? And to make it worse it was a 2 hour showing meaning the realtor doesn't know how to schedule.

I'm sure the feedback from tonight's showing will be along the same lines as everyone who wants to see the house is a complete yahoo. 

Apparently though, these birds are the only ones who want to live here. I watched them hem and haw about if this was THE tree or not  and then watched as they built their nest. 

I've read that they don't build the best nests and if the mom or dad gets startled and flies away in a hurry the eggs could fall out. 

The kids are on strict orders to not kick or hit balls into the direction of this tree. 

Nothing has hatched that I can tell yet. They take turns sitting on the eggs and it's adorable. 

Guess I should fill the bird feeder and make it easy on them, huh?

By the way, there's the new deck color. So much better than the startling red that it was. 

Enjoy Wednesday. 

One Response to “Bird Chatter”

  1. How frustrating with the house! What kind of idiot buyers would be so rude to waste your time looking at a house when they already know they don't want to live in the area.
    Hang in there though, it just takes that one right buyer to come along!



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