Wednesday, August 24, 2011

She broke free

About 30 minutes after putting both kids to bed in their separate rooms on Sunday night we heard laughter.

Giggling from both camps and at the same time. 


We went upstairs to find that Vaughn had crept out of her room and was in Vance's bed. Both tucked in, reading books, and having a great ol' time. 

So, the honeymoon period is over and Vaughn has learned that she can in fact get out of her bed on her own. However that's been her only time getting out, so it's going better than I had imagined! 


Vance had school picture day last week. For the first time ever I let him pick the background.

He thought long and hard about it and decided, yep, that tie dye was the way to go. 

Awesome choice, young man. 


Vaughn is still drawing like a mad woman. I found drawing paper on  clearance at Target yesterday and stocked up for when our scrap paper runs out. This started out as a rainbow then morphed into a princess like most of her drawings do. 

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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