Thursday, August 11, 2011

There's a Gator in the Backyard!

(Sorry for the title. I've just been introduced to Billy the Exterminator and can't get it out of my mind.)

So thankful that the temps have dropped and we can actually play outside again! 

Kids meet The Backyard. Backyard meet kids. Play nicely while Mommy looks through this Crate and Barrel magazine.

Last night we broke out the Gator. 

It was Vaughn's first time on it and the belly-laughs coming from her were hilarious. 

Watching her it occurred to me that all she knows of moving vehicles is being strapped down into the back of one. This is the first time she's ever felt the wind in her face, so to speak.

She loved it.

(I didn't make her wear the helmet. She put it on herself.)

The End. Fin. Happy Trails.

It's Thursday which means the weekend is near, Project Runway is on, and Justin gets home tonight. 

It's gonna be a good day! 

One Response to “There's a Gator in the Backyard!”

  1. I love it! This weather is more than wonderful! Hope it stays. Give the kids kisses! Gram



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