Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Like a bad day at the races...

All the lights in the house get turned on for every showing.

Sometimes we're gone then for a few hours and I imagine our electric meter spinning out of control like Clark Griswold's with all of his exterior illumination.

I know we don't have to turn all the lights on but we feel the house does look better, brighter, homier, cozier, etc. with them on. And first impressions are everything so we go in with our best foot forward.  

That being said...
we're going through light bulbs like crazy.

Imagine how sad I was yesterday when three boxes of light bulbs fell jumped out of the back of my car as I was lifting the door open. 

(Just for the record, there were many bags back there. It's mysteriously odd that nothing else dropped out. I'm thinking these light bulbs had ulterior motives and big dreams of life on the road.)

Only two broke but I'm still mad because it's wasted money. Next time they're riding up front with me.


That's not all how I lost money yesterday. It gets better! 

I ordered three Christmas presents online last week. They're somewhat big, heavy, and fragile but came with free shipping, so score! I get them over the weekend, open them up yesterday to make sure everything looks good and they're not what I thought they would be. At all. There's no way to make them work, so they have to go back. All of them. All three big, heavy, and fragile things, need to be shipped back on my dime now. Grrr....

Kind of like when I ordered a rocking chair from Ikea, only to find out that it doesn't rock, so it had to be dismantled, packed back up like a jigsaw puzzle, and sent back.


Here's hoping today is less expensive than yesterday! 

2 Responses to “Like a bad day at the races...”

  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    "If you work hard enough, there will be things you can do tomorrow, that you can't do today."
    - unknown


  2. Use CFL's, they last longer and are less of a drain on electricity.

    I'm starting reading from where I left off last year. - I'm sure you'll see many more comments in the near future. :)



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