Wednesday, September 14, 2011

When do bring out the scary? Plus Kid & Soup updates!

Serious question for today: When do you decorate for Halloween?

First of all, the above scene is not from my house. This was a small part of a neighbor's display. Halloween is celebrated big here, just like the 4th of July. It's a phenomenon.

Is it too early now? Do you wait until October 1st? What do you do?

^^^0^^^ ^^^0^^^ ^^^0^^^

Here's some updates from last week.

Vaughn: She did great in her gymnastics class. She was excited to jump on the spring board and walk on the beam. However, afterwards she asked when she was going to her ballet class, which came as a surprise because she's not signed up for a ballet class. Hmmm....

Vance: He did great in his first two soccer games of the season. In his first game he scored a goal and couldn't have been more excited about it. Go Vance!

The Soup: Turned out really good. It was a Cheese tortellini and spinach soup that I found from the Life in Grace site. Click for the link. I did mine pretty much like hers but I added more carrots and celery and also added crushed red pepper flakes which gave a little bit of heat. I would definitely make this a day in advance as it thickened up nicely from the starch in the pasta. I'll definitely make this one again. 

Happy Survivor Night! 

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